Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New hair cut before it's gone

The pile of hair grows daily, but I still have enough to get by. Here sort of a picture of my new haircut before it all falls out.
We had an freezing rain this morning, and I couldn't go to work. I felt pretty strongly about getting some salt down on the driveway. Marty fell on the ice with the salt spreader and dislocated his shoulder. I got the driveway clear enough to take him to the emergency to pop it back in. He has to make an appointment with the orthopod but I don't think any thing else is wrong.
Fortunately, my friend Judi, had already planned to come for the evening, so when we got home at 7:30 a wonderful Greek Feast awaited us: Avelemono (sic) soup, Greek Salad, kibbe. The emergency room is always so annoying, so it was so nice having not only a meal, but a gourmet one waiting for us.