Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh the Drama!

I decided that Fox Chase was the way to go for the lung biopsy. I guess it should be a no brainer. If RHMC screwed up the first time, why would I go back? I confirmed everything with Fox Chase, then Reading oncologist office called at lunch time. Apparently, they had swung into action this morning, and the nurse told me she got permission to do both the biopsy and the port insertion on Friday. So I'm thinking that maybe I should. It would be five days sooner and only one anesthesia. She told me she'll call me with the time.
Now what to do? I call Fox Chase to ask that doctor's advice. While I'm waiting for call back, Reading calls and says they really can't do it Friday, I have to go back and do it as a separate procedure on Monday. Call Fox Chase say, "Never mind". So the net outcome was exactly the same as what I had decided on this morning. Only with all the thrills of a roller coaster ride.
So I'll go to Fox Chase 1/14 for the lung biopsy. I'll soon win the patient pain in the butt award.
It was good to back to work. My new little baby was cranky about breastfeeding. I swam 20 laps after work to relax.
My Pollyanna gift from the office Christmas party was waiting for me. I had to leave the party early for an MRI so I assigned my co-worker the task of getting me a good gift. They are all wrapped so you never know what you are getting. I have the reputation of always getting weird, ugly or ridculous gifts. This year,s took the cake. I unwrapped it. It was the book "1000 places to visit before you die"! Gave me a bit of a start.