Friday, January 16, 2009


It was way too cold for Wendy today, unless she wore a hat. I had visions of Wendy coming off with the hat at a client's house, so I made alternative headgear decisions. This is my little fleece cap that I wear to sleep. I added a silky scarf that my co-worker, Rosie, gave me a few years ago.
It's tough to dress in cold weather. When I am choosing my clothes, I review my appointment schedule: who pays for their own heat so it's cold and who doesn't and it's hot. It was a mixed bag today. One new mother, (who pays for her heat and ran out of oil yesterday) had a cold house, but had a space heater that had the bedroom heat up to about 80 degrees. I kept peeling off layers until I was ready to pluck off my fleece hat, baldness not withstanding.
I made 4 visits and saw 5 clients today. I was tired but not more than usual. I feel a bit the fraud as everyone offers to help me. I don't feel sick and am firmly entrenched in the denial stage. As Allison reminded me, I wasn't supposed to have this week. I was supposed to have chemotherapy last Monday.
Speaking of chemotherapy, I called my doctor at Fox Chase this afternoon. The nurse that called me back, said that Dr. Aggarwal was sorry but she didn't have the results of my biopsy yet. She had called three times, but it wasn't done. She told me to go to chemotherapy on Monday and she would call me with the results. So I still don't know what will happen next week. Oh well, at least this lady tries.